What Brought Me to SAE Brisbane?

CIU110: Week 2

Since picking up a Nikon 750D DSLR in 2014 in my IDMT Class at High School. I started taking photos for the School Magazine and Newsletter and getting comments that I should do some sort of bachelor course with it. This in turn put me towards SAE Brisbane doing a Bachelor of Graphic Design.

With the use of technology (e.g Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro) to create the image below to appeal to audiences with the photo of a landscape/subject with the use of the exaggeration of the colours from the sun to the dullest tree with very minimal editing makes the photo look more peaceful and calm, then a busy city scene.

Photo By Bazil Photography

The main form of graphic design that interest me is logos and the use of images, colour, font and style to create them. This can be seen in the logos below. And what do all this logos have in common: they’re all well known all over the world for what the were created for and the basic meaning behind each image in each logo.

  • WordPresscom. (2017). Bazil Photography. Retrieved 14 March, 2017, from https://bazilphotography.wordpress.com/. In-text citation: (WordPresscom, 2017)
  • Logo Puma Image
  • Logo Apple Image
  • Logo Ferrari Image
  • Logo Nike Image
  • Logo Target Image
  • Logo Formula 1 Image
  • Logo Dropbox Image

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