My Media use & Identity.

CIU110: Week 3

My media use is through social media (e.g Facebook, Instagram, Flicker and Pinterest) with my social media identity not big I can get the images that I have taken put them on social media and get  them seen by people that i know (e.g family, friends, friends of friends and any people who like and share the photo).

Photo By Bazilphotography

As I have a passion in photography and graphic design (logos/advertisements), the media I most value is Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Flicker. Facebook, Instagram, Flicker and Pinterest is used by everyone in the entire world as they can access this type of social media through the use of their smart phones, tablets, laptop and PC.

This is seen by the media (e.g logos &  advertisements) that i would love to create for businesses (future/now) as these logos/advertisements can be seen all over the world by every single person who is on social media/on billboards by the highway when people travel.

With the use of these types of media they can be powerful with what they communicate to the public on social media or on billboards. In conjunction with the use of these types of technology/ advertisement, the images can be seen by everyone in the world thus should increase my media identity online.


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