Future Predictions

CIU110: Week 4

My future prediction is that advertisement well change over 10 years with the growth of technology and the way we see them when we are out. As it did from the first ad in 1472 to billboards in 1835 to air waves (radio) in 1922 to TV in 1941 then to social media in 2008. With our technology advancing people might not want to read it on there computer, mobile or tablet as their faces might be looking at them all day.

With the advance of technology ads will grow with it and we all may hate the way they are displayed to us. This in turn could makes us what to go back to the way we used to see them as it could be a complete change in our life style when 10 years from now passes by.

The ad below from the 1968 of a Ford Mustang is a good example that we might go backwards instead of forwards. As some of the aesthetics in the ad makes it more appealing to us when in a different format.

Ad by Californiaspecialcom

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