My Thoughts on Getting an Income While Still Maintaining My Artistic Creativity

CIU111: Week 1

Being a creative practitioner in graphic design, creating advertisements and many more and still get a stable income to rely on, is hard balance. There are many ways to gain an income as a creative like employee, consumer sales, freelance, crowdfunding, day job, consulting, public speaking and more solutions.

This is one of the hardest things for me, as a creative even with the ways listed above. I believe that I will not get to be as creative as I want, when working for a company. This option has many pros and cons listed here.

  • Get a stable salary, along with paid leave and other benefits
  • Will always have projects to work on (individually or in a team) regardless how long they take.
  • Work on other people’s projects
  • Deadlines
  • Hours of attendance
  • Going to meetings
  • Report to file

With being an employee the pros and cons outweigh each other with gaining an income. But being a freelancer is different and has its own set of pros and cons listed below.

  • Flexibility with time and hours (as long as the deadlines are met)
  • No office politics (multiple bosses instead of one)
  • On my own (have to arrange insurance, no pay when time is taken off and plan retirement)
  • I might get to be more creative with projects.
  • No one to rely on when confused or stuck (have to complete project/work by myself)
  • Can lead to problems like endless iterations and design by committee. (Can’t ignore it completely)
  • No salary
  • No over heads looking and asking something then changing their mind.

These are just a few main pros and cons for freelance work click here to read more and the article by Andrew Blackman.

Getting an Income

At the end of the day if I can find a job with a company or do freelance work with a day job on the side, I will be happy as I well be able to make a manageable income to live off.





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2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Getting an Income While Still Maintaining My Artistic Creativity

  1. It’s good that you listed the pros and cons of each, however I would have liked to have seen a bit more of your opinion on what option you would take. Right now you seem happy with either, but what about in a few years time? Is a stable income more important than creative freedom?


  2. It is a bit of tough decision to make and think about for design. Having the comfort of a company behind you or the freedom of creativity in a freelance environment; which to choose. I suppose just follow what you want to do but stick to your creativity in one way or another.


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