My Experiences with Job Interviews

CIU111: Week 3

I have had a part-time job since the age of 14 in grade 9. Jobs interviews were the scariest thing I have ever done at that age and I still get nervous now being a confident person. My parents gave me very useful advice of the years of me applying for jobs and when going to interviews. This advice is is very important to any job interview.

  • Dress in smart business attire
  • Act will behaved when working or getting interviewed
  • Take a copy of your resume and cover letter (even if they don’t want it)
  • Be confident when answering question or when asking them
  • And don’t forget to be yourself and not someone else.

The advice above is what I have followed for the many job interviews I have had with Red Rooster, Jimbo and Co. Cafe, Civic Video (The best of all the jobs but not on the top of the list), Chidos and most recent Fruitful Online SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

All the jobs I have listed above I have work for for 3 months to 3.5 years (each vary between that time frame). Over this time I have gain many skills from the interviews with the managers or even sometimes the boss of the business. With these skills I take them to each interview I get from the companies.

Overall going to job interviews maybe scary to some people out there in the world but it is something we all have to go through to get the job we wish for.

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One thought on “My Experiences with Job Interviews

  1. Great Insite Harrison! This type of experience and knowledge on the topic of “job hunting” would be very useful to someone looking to get either their first job or even move into a new industry entirely.

    Often it seems people forget the basic principles that you have highlighted here still apply to any job interview scenario. Whether it is a job role within the creative industry or even applying for something along the lines of a law firm, two very different ends of the “business” spectrum yet, the basics are still mandatory. Dressing well, remembering your resume, being yourself etc. while obviously other things do shift from job to job, even interviewer to interviewer the basics are important.

    To add a useful tip if I may? I have personally had a few job interviews in my time in which I thought about my “professional appearance” meaning I did my hair, wore my best shirt, ironed my pants, removed my nose rings and even hid my stretched ears with special plugs, only to be greeted by someone with more facial piercings than fingers and dressed in a T-shirt and shorts. Even though this was the case they all made the same comment, that was I dressed to impress and that is the most important impression, it shows that you care and are keen.

    The moral of my tip is to always dress like you’re going to be interviewed by straight shooter Bill from head office, who only owns suites and who doesn’t like youth and it is your job as the interviewee to change his mind.

    Again great blog and incite (apart from a few minor spelling errors).


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