How I might use data in your career? How does it affect me now? What are my limits?

CIU111: Week 5

This blog post will cover how I will use data collected from any views of my portfolio, photography site and any of my social media pages/profiles in my career . As well, how it affects me now and what are my limits when I use data in my career.

As a creative practitioner the data that I will is going to be what gender they are, country on where they are. This is going to be good to use for my work as being able to understand my target audience will be the main key point to get notices in the graphic design industry. There are limits to collecting information about viewers and my limit/s are no personal information. I feel that if any personal information is taken by me, I maybe breaking the law.

I have sign up for my programs like Adobe Creative Cloud, Facebook and many more others. I have given personal info to Facebook, Adobe Creative Cloud and others, I feel that I trust these companies but I still have my doubts on what they are going to use it for and how they are going to use it.

Overall I will use data to my advantage and not use it against anyone or even collect personal information from views.


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