Current Trends in Web Design

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There are many current trends in web design this year. All of these trends are happening due to the advance of technology e.g. smart phones, virtual reality (VR) and much more.

These trends can be seen across most of the sites, you as a visitor view. Here are some of the trends listed below.

  • Responsive Layout:
    • This means that if you go onto a website on your desktop it will suit the size of the screen but then go to the same site on your mobile the size changes. The mobile site will take out anything that is not important like the images, non-important information. The same thing will happen to a tablet.
  • Unique Site layout:
    • Most sites you come across have a unique layout. This is to make the site feel that it represents the company and what their services are.
  • Animation Throughout the Site:
    • Most sites now have some form of animation, if that is a subscribe button increasing in size when the mouse is hovering over it or if the colour of the element changes. But some animation may not represent the business as well as it does to another.
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
    • This technology has been around since the early 1950’s but it never took off until the early 2015. VR was not available to the public until late 2015, early 2016. It was based for gaming, but businesses are now embracing this technology and using it to their advantage e.g. Coles and/or Woolworths are planning to take shopping that step further from actually going to the shops you can now stand in your kitchen and place the VR goggles on and browse through the aisles and chosen your products. But this will only work if the company is huge and well known.

There are many more trends that web developers are doing to their clients’ website. Click here to read more about the current trends in web design. I would love to hear what you think the trends are for web design this year.


3 thoughts on “Current Trends in Web Design

  1. This blog is very thorough. It goes into detail of a few of the most popular current trends on the web. I like the fact you have put the website into the blog itself by a ‘click here’ link in your writing to allow the reader to further their knowledge on a few more current trends. I think this is very informative, and I got a lot out of this blog post. Thank you :))


  2. The web design trends that you have mentioned above are indeed in trends as I’ve seen them on many websites especially with having animation throughout the website to engage users and also making the website unique and standout from other sites.


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