What Circumstances Should Tables Be Used in Web Design?

MDU119: Blog 4

Under what circumstances should you use tables in web design? How/Does this differ from how they have been used in the past? These are the questions I am going to explore and present ideas forward that throughout this blog post.

But first a brief history of tables in web design and how they worked during the time period before CSS. Tables in web design started back in 1995 through the use of HTML.

HTML had the capability to have tables and other complex codes with the site. Tables were the closest option to choose to layout and personalise your website back then being the common method. The major problem with using tables is that it can get more complex due to tables being with in tables which made this challenging for developers to maintain these fragile frameworks.

Then after a few years, CSS came along and eliminated any of the limitation that HTML had when web design was coming about.

Nowadays web design uses tables for placing important information like email, phone number and anything that the business wants to make important to the visitor of their site. Another way tables are used now are in the contact form. The page is laid out in a way that it is user-friendly but still is appealing to the eye with the use of one table not many nesting in each other compared to back in the early stages of the internet.

The way they are used has changed but does not differ from how and what they were used for in the past. Developers may use tables as a guide to creating a website now but will never use them to create and design the site within HTML.

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