How Responsive Design has Changed the way Websites are Made.

MDU1119: Blog 5

With the growing rate of users surfing the internet on their smartphone and tablets. Web design needed to evolve with it. Which brought responsive web design for sites.

So, What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design consists of CSS and HTML to cater the site to what device the visitor is using at the time. An example here shows what happens when the site is viewed on another size screen.

There are many pros and cons with a responsive web design. Below is a list of some of the pros and cons.

The Pros:
  1. One Singular Website
    • Having one site is easier t to administer for all devices in this world and news ones to come.
  2. One Single URL
    • Easier for potential clients to find your site on mobile as well as fewer redirects to the mobile site
  3. Easy SEO
    • Only have to complete SEO on one page and not two and have to complete many redirects to the mobile.
  4. Low Cost
    • Saving a tonne of money only have in the one site with a developer.
The Cons:
  1. A Single Website
    • Needing to put emphasis on some content but if it is done it will change on the desktop version not just the mobile.
  2. Technical
    • Older browsers may slowly load the page or not load the full page at all.
  3. User Experience
    • A desktop is completely different to mobile and the users of the internet ages vary from 8-65+ years and skills for each person if different.

Responsive web design is a powerful element used correctly to any website but it can affect many users or none at all due to the company’s choice to have a responsive or non-responsive site. Both pros and cons have excellent points but if your audience target is 18-50 then a responsive site may be a great idea if it is the opposite then a desktop version is great as the users can easily use it without having any problems.



One thought on “How Responsive Design has Changed the way Websites are Made.

  1. Your blog is great in the sense you accurately place different points of the pros and cons which are very clear and easy to understand. Another aspect is that you clearly defined what Responsive Design is. Good Job.


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